” World War” against Coronavirus … 4 scientific discoveries this week

The spread of the new Coronavirus is accelerating around the world, and with it, medical and scientific research, which allowed new discoveries last

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The spread of the new Coronavirus is accelerating around the world, and with it, medical and scientific research, which allowed new discoveries last week in the midst of a global war against this deadly virus, is accelerating.

 Scientific research made five major discoveries this week, as part of a global effort to fight “Covid-19“.

Home infections tests

considered as ” Reliable, inexpensive ” antibody tests, which reveal whether a person has previously had an SK, is critical to managing the next stage of the pandemic.

Population screening can measure the general level of immunity, and it can allow people to gradually return to work, especially for people who have previously been tested for corona and bypassed the virus with high immunity.

Various health authorities around the world use “antibody testing” in laboratories, but they do not apply them widely, in part because the tests should be performed a few weeks after the infection.

For its part, drug companies are now producing “rapid” scanners that people use at home, similar to rapid pregnancy tests.

The competent authorities work to document these devices very quickly and to ensure their accuracy.

An American Abbot company announced that it had invented a “portable” device that has the ability to determine the infection of people with the emerging coronavirus in only 5 minutes.

The company explained that the US Food and Drug Administration, gave it permission to start production of these devices, which will be able to provide them to health care workers early next week, as reported by “Agence France-Presse.”.

Reports have been published weeks ago that the virus could cause people to lose their sense of smell, and this week the theory gained credibility with the British Society of Otolaryngology, based on reports from South Korea, China, and Italy.

The good news is that even if the virus kills some of your olfactory cells, the lining of the nose contains stem cells to replace them.

” Covid-19″ Do not Mutate

CoronaViruses do not tend In general, it is rapidly mutating, and this week scientists have given more reassurance that this also applies to Covid-19.”.

A team at Johns Hopkins University analyzed 1,000 samples, and according to The Washington Post, only 4 to 10 genetic differences were found between strains circulating in the United States and the original virus that was isolated from patients in Wuhan.

This means that if the vaccine is reached, it will be effective for a long period of time because the virus does not mutate.

The lockdown must continue

Hopes for life to return to normal sometime soon this week have diminished, with studies showing that closure measures around the world should remain for months until the desired effect is achieved by reducing the virus outbreak.

A study published in the “Lancet” magazine indicated that if China eased restrictions in Wuhan in early March when the number of cases decreased dramatically, it would have risked facing a new corona outbreak in June.

Because of China’s decision to keep it closed until early April, the average number of injuries expected by the end of 2020 has decreased by 24 percent.

Men are more likely to die

Evidence is growing that men are more likely to die from corona than women.

This was first observed in China, where the death rate was about 2.8 percent for men, and 1.7 percent for women.

Spain reported this week that about twice the number of deaths were men, compared to women.

This week, scientists began studying the possibility of high causes of death for men, including the possibility that women’s immune systems may be better able to cope with the virus.

It is expected that new studies will reveal the causes of the increase in the deaths of men in the coming weeks.