Virologists warn: Italy hasn’t seen the worst yet

Although the death toll in Italy as a result of the emerging Coronavirus is the largest in the world, virologists have warned that the country "has n

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Although the death toll in Italy as a result of the emerging Coronavirus is the largest in the world, virologists have warned that the country “has not seen the worst yet”, Pointing out that the actual number of positive cases there is up to five times the official number.

This means that the infection will continue to escalate even with orders issued to Italians to stay at home and stop all activities, except for the basics.

Italy, the pandemic center in Europe, has by far the largest number of deaths due to the virus in the world, which is an alarming number of 8,165.

And Friday, Italy is on track to surpass China in the number of infections, having the most cases in any country, after the United States.

Devastating situation

“It is devastating,” said pastor Mario Carmenati, who handed over a church in the small Lombard town of Seret to host the coffins before being transported in a military convoy.”.

He continued: “This week, dozens of coffins were lined up in two rows in the central corridor, and they were immediately replaced by a new one when they were moved”.

He added: “At least, relatives and family know that someone is caring for them, with prayer and blessing, before they are deported”.

Cautious optimism 

Despite losses, officials also expressed cautious optimism that the accelerating spread of the virus has begun to slow in the severely affected north, thanks to two weeks of house-imposed orders imposed by the military.

For several days this week, new infections and deaths have shown signs of slowing down, and the emergency rooms of the “tsunami of patients” that characterized the first weeks of the pandemic, have not yet seen their first positive test in Italy on February 20.

Doctor Luca Lorini, head of the intensive care department of Pope John XXIII in Bergamo, one of the most affected public hospitals, said that ” The numbers are still high, but a few days ago the numbers stopped rising”.

About 500 hospital medical personnel were infected. Lorini said he found himself treating colleagues, friends, children of friends and parents of friends in the 88-bed intensive care unit serving a city of 120,000 people..

At the national level, at least 33 doctors died, while the results of 6414 medical examinations were positive”.

Lorini is surprised that he is “still standing”, wondering whether he had suffered early symptoms of minor symptoms and his immunity developed, saying to the Associated Press: “We know that before we get into the fight, and we accept it”.

Field hospitals

Elsewhere in Bergamo, the Italian Army’s Alpine Forces are building a field hospital, partly staffed by about 150 medical personnel dispatched by Russia, one of a handful of countries, including China and Cuba, that have responded to urgent emergencies in Italy , The plea for medical equipment, masks, and staff.

In southern Italy, aid is also growing, as hospitals are less prepared and equipped than the prosperous north.