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What is the secret of Marilyn Monroe’s skin? .. Her best friend answers

The late American actress Marilyn Monroe was an icon of beauty from her first appearance on the cinema screen until her death, but the routine that s [...]

Online Games: When Become Very Exciting to Experience

As online gambling portals gain popularity among a new generation of wagering enthusiasts, slots are quickly overtaking traditional table games in te [...]

Since December. these are the 10 most famous “lies” that some believe about Corona

The World Health Organization has not stopped refuting many of the rumors that social media has covered since the start of the Coronavirus in China l [...]
Exciting photos from a Chinese laboratory reinforcing doubts of  Coronavirus leak

Exciting photos from a Chinese laboratory reinforcing doubts of Coronavirus leak

Pictures from within the Wuhan Virus Research Institute, in the Chinese city that was the epicenter of the outbreak of the new Coronavirus, have retu [...]

” Iron Lung”. An old invention that could solve the respiratory deficiency crisis

British scientists are working on developing a modern version of the "negative pressure" breathing apparatus, which was used in the last century, kno [...]

For the fourth day “Good news” from Germany about Coronavirus

Over the past few days, European countries have recorded a slight, if little, decline in the number of new infections with the emerging coronavirus, [...]

Italy records the lowest daily death toll in two weeks

Italy recorded, on Sunday, the lowest daily death toll in more than two weeks, the death of 525 people, bringing the total deaths to 15,887 cases, wh [...]

A report expects America’s “worst day” with Corona … before receding

A specialized American medical center painted a dark picture of the coming days that the US population will witness with the Coronavirus, announcing [...]

In Italy, Coronavirus infections will be zero in May

A statistical study showed that during the period between May 5 and May 16, Italy will witness a decline in new cases of Coronavirus infection in all [...]
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